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I was born and raised in Ward 5, having grown up in the Riverdale East area. I attended Glendale Secondary School, and after I finished there, I went to the University of Toronto, where I was actively involved on campus, serving two terms on the executive of the University of Toronto Student Administrative Council, advocating and representing over 30,000 undergraduate students.

After university, I moved back to Hamilton. I met my wife here, and we have chosen to make our life here in Ward 5 in the Kentley neighbourhood, purchasing our home in 2012 and welcoming our daughter in 2013.

I have worked for Canada Revenue Agency, most recently as a Senior Individual Services Agent, where I have received a top level performance review for the last five years. I have served as a champion of my work section, serving as an advocate, contact, and liaison with local management and national committees.

I was involved with Toastmasters International through work, serving in various executive positions as vice president, president, and then area director.

I have served on my daughter’s school council for several years, often serving as either chair or co-chair. I am an active member of Stoney Creek Baptist Church, also in Ward 5, currently serving on the Finance Committee and the Board of Directors.

In my leisure time, I am an avid walker, and I enjoy supporting my daughter’s activities, such as soccer at East Hamilton Soccer Club.

Recently, I felt a calling to put my name forward to represent the interests of the residents of Ward 5. It is my home, my parents’ home, and the home of many friends and neighbours.

Pedestrian and Road Safety

As an avid walker, I have observed that our roadways have become increasingly unsafe. 2022 has seen a frighteningly high number of motor vehicle collisions, particularly those involving pedestrians. We need to make sure that drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians can all co-exist in our city. I believe that a multi-faceted approach is needed to improve this situation, and I want to be a part of the solution to make the roads safer for all.

Light Rail Transit (LRT)

The LRT in Hamilton has been approved at all levels of government, and it is time to move forward with this project. City Council has an important role to play and we should be presenting a united front. We need to closely monitor the construction to make sure that we keep costs under control, minimize disruptions during construction, and ensure that we take this opportunity to build wisely around the LRT corridor.

Affordability and Housing

There is no question that Hamilton is facing challenges around affordable housing, much like other communities across Ontario and Canada. Our city is at a turning point, where new housing will be needed as our population grows. We need to build up, build wisely, and build with all Hamiltonians in mind.


It’s no secret that Hamilton, and many other cities, are facing an infrastructure deficit. We need to invest in our city, because delaying any more will make those repairs cost even more in the long run. Work will be done on the LRT corridor while the line is being constructed, but we need to carefully plan the next steps as well, to make sure that our city continues to be the best place to raise a child and age successfully.

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